Monday, 26 May 2014

Brand Favourites | Soap & Glory

Would you believe, before December, I was a Soap & Glory virgin. I had always lusted after getting some items whilst they were 3 for 2 at Boots from time to time, but always stopped myself as knew I had other skin products that needed to be used up, and felt like I couldn't betray my beloved Sanctuary products. However, when the £60 gift box came on offer at Christmas at under half price, I found it extremely difficult to resist and got my hands on some. In the last couple of months, I've finally got around to using my old skin care up and start to make my way through my Christmas stash. Three of my faves that I have tried so far have been Heel Genius, Hand Food and The Righteous Butter

Heel Genius is perfecto for those days where you just want to pamper yourself; whether it's been a long ass day at work or a drunken weekend.. (mainly spent in 6inch heels!) this little beauty does the trick of making your feet feel b-e-a-utifulllll! I tend to smother my feet with the stuff and slip on some socks and chill out for a good few hours. The tube suggests to sleep with your socks on, but if you're anything like me, you're going to find it impossible. Sleeping with socks on is the worst. What I do seems to work well enough for me anyhow.

Hand Food has served me well the last few weeks more so than ever. Lately, my hands have been feeling dry and rough for no apparent reason and Hand Food has served me well. Like any other Soap and Glory product, the smell is amazing. So so sweet! And last but not least, The Righteous Butter! Yet another amazing smelling product. I just love how thick and nourishing the product itself is, and is especially great after a lot of scrubbing in the shower to remove the night beforehand fake-tan! 

Any products you guys have loved from S&G that I should be trying? Especially from their skin care range.. Hope you've all enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend.

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